Anger Management Classes for Adults & Teens

We all know what anger is and we’ve all felt it.  Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy human emotion.  However, when anger gets out of control, it can lead to problems.  At Comprehensive Youth Services we’re here to help.  Our Anger Management class is designed to teach you to recognize your physical and emotional anger cues and to find healthy and non-violent ways to manage anger.

Who is eligible for this program?

Separate anger management classes are available for Adults and for Teens.   Anger Management for Adults is for those 18 years and up.  Anger Management for Teens is for teens between the ages of 13 and 17.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost for the Adult Anger Management class is $165 if paid in full at the time of registration.  You may choose instead to pay a non-refundable deposit of $90, with an additional $90 payment due by the fifth week of class, for a total cost of $180.

The cost for Anger Management for Teens is $135 if paid in full at the time of registration.  Participants may choose instead to pay a $75 non-refundable deposit, with an additional $75 due by the eighth week of class, for a total cost of $150.

How do I enroll in this program?

Adult participants must sign up in person at the Comprehensive Youth Services Main Office/Clinical Facility at 4545 N. West Avenue in Fresno.  Please be aware that classes fill quickly and it is best to sign up as far in advance as possible to ensure enrollment.  Participants cannot be enrolled at or after the first class session.  To enroll in Anger Management for Teens, a parent or guardian MUST accompany the participating teen to sign up, and to the first night of class.

When are classes offered?

Please call our office at (559) 229-3561 to obtain information on the next class schedules.

What is the attendance policy?

Participants must attend and participate in all sessions in order to successfully complete the class.

Will I receive proof that I completed the class?

Participants who successfully complete all sessions of the class and have paid in full will receive a Certificate of Completion on the last day of class.

Questions?   Give us a call at (559) 229-3561.